What to expect

A workout with me is safe, fun and dynamic. You will learn the basic principles of working out in a way that heightens your capacity to enjoy your body and movement. A stabilized spine is a top priority as is mobility. So you can expect to feel stronger and more open physically after even just a few sessions. With a background in yoga and what that has taught me, I have numerous tools at my disposal to get you feeling your physical best. There is homework - not a lot but a little. Things that you can do on your own to continue to heighten your performance and well-being, away from the gym. I definitely believe in the power of sweat and hard work but that is always handled on a case-by-case basis. I think its important for people to find their edge but everyone's edge is different and needs to be addressed individually - and I always take that into account. The exercises vary depending on need and goals but I do like to include a little bit of everything for everyone and the cardio is built into the workout almost always so that while we are lifting your heart-rate will definitely be up. I believe in intensity over volume meaning that I don't take long breaks between sets and the workouts are shorter and efficient but I promise will get the job done. Expect also to learn transferable skills in that after a bit with me you will be lifting everything off the ground in a safe and sustainable way. One of the big reasons I enjoy teaching people is that I want them to be able to have an active lifestyle well into thier later years. Proper movement patterns now will help fascilitate that. Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

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